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RE: Don't need free groceries?? This is not for you...

Worth a few minutes of your time...

Lots of marketers jumping on board as we speak, 60k+  affiliates since June

MPB Today, a company that has just emerged in the MLM market, is now heading the internet division of South Eastern Delivery which has enjoyed many successful years in the the grocery delivery business in the Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas.

Gary Calhoun heads up MPB Today and has also been involved in the solar energy market as well as telecommunications for many years.

South Eastern Delivery has been listed on the Divisions of Corporations in Florida with Gary at the helm and now branching out
to help people make money throughout the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico.

 CLICK HERE scroll down and click on center window

This is really quite a no-brainer...

There is basically no net cost once you either opt for the WalMart card, or order groceries.

I mean if the Stop and Shop manager called you over when you came into the store and said...

Do me a favor, would you buy this $200 voucher...and you can shop and spend it right now...
If you refer a couple friends who do the same, I'll give you $100 and another $200 grocery voucher FREE...
You would do it right? Me too, and I did and made my money back in the first week or so.

Below is an excerpt from an email sent to me by my up line...

Marc is 100% right, this company is going places.
Before I joined I went to Pensacola to meet the owner.
I planned on a short lunch but spent 3.5 hours and I see the vision.
He will be opening other locations to have groceries delivered or picked up in these locales.
Imagine, starting a grocery store and having 10k, 20k or 50,000 customers in the area where you open up.
That is quite different than opening a store and hoping that you can get shoppers to switch their allegiance
to a new store and leave Stop and Shop, or Big Y or whatever.




I am attaching a short presentation to use in talking to people. Take a look and if ready just JOIN as an AFFILIATE.

Here is a new way to expose yourself...
Get with it and start to get more exposure...  see how it all works for free...

Click here to play video.

Marc Lessard
(860) 263-8672
Marketing Business Consultant
Peace and prosperity!

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